ALTURiX Launch The Medicines Value Programme

ALTURiX was formed with the vision of helping to change things.  Its five Founders are all driven by the desire to make a difference to the way medicines are provided, to ultimately contribute to improving patients’ lives – with value always in mind.

Our purpose is to research, develop and provide high quality medicines which bring benefits to patients, prescribers, and the broader NHS wherever possible.  When done best, all three groups benefit.

We strive to develop a strong reputation for reliability, and delivery of this value.

We are very proud to announce the launch of our Medicines Value Programme, which embodies what we do.

The Medicines Value Programme is dedicated to illustrating how we can add value across six important areas:

  • New Dosing Opportunities
  • Prescribing Budget Savings
  • Tablet Burden Reduction
  • New Formulation Development
  • Simplifying Dosing Regimens
  • Development of New Delivery Systems

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